Here’s the Typical Father of the Groom Speech Template

Wedding Speech Templates

Wedding Speech Templates

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ve noticed we’ve written quite a few articles about how to prepare a wedding toast. Now we want to follow-up on the previous articles with a general template for the groom’s father speech.

As you probably already know, at a wedding reception, this is one of the most important toasts. That’s why, in this article I would like to present to you the typical structure of the groom’s father speech, but before I do that, I want to show you the typical order of the wedding speeches.

Even though you don’t consider it important to know about, trust me, it helps. Knowing who will give the toasts before you and after will help you to better understand the speech structure. So, this is the traditional wedding speech order:

  • father of the bride
  • (optional) mother of the bride
  • father of the groom
  • (optional) mother of the groom
  • the groom
  • (optional) the bride
  • (optional) maid of honor
  • the best man

I marked with (optional) the speeches that aren’t usually included in a typical wedding ceremony, but in some cultures/traditions or if they want, the mother of the bride, of the groom, the bride and the maid of honor can also give a toast. Below you have the most common father of the groom speech template:

First of all, you will thank the bride’s father for the opening toast and also for hosting the wedding and all the energy he and his wife put into planning the wedding. Also, make sure to compliment them about their great daughter.

Then, you will also thank to all the guests that came to the wedding. Since they put aside what they had to do in order to be present at your son’s wedding, it’s always good to appreciate this.

Then comes the most important part of the speech, where you will get a little sentimental and also a little bit funny when you’ll tell a few nice things about your son. You will start with some memories from when he was a kid, maybe also some pleasant moment you shared together, then you’ll have to spice up the moment with some funny stories about your son. But make sure your stories aren’t embarrassing for him. You can say a few things about when he was a kid, things that won’t matter now anymore.

Then, you have to compliment the bride. Tell her how beautiful she is, how great she and your son look together and how happy you are that they are getting married.

In the end, raise your glass and propose a toast for the newlyweds. You can close with a wisdom quote or maybe a piece of advice form your life experience and then wish the groom and the bride a happy marriage.

This is the most common template for the father of the groom speech. Also, remember that it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the speech short, under 5 minutes, so plan it in such way that you will have enough time to get over all the points. Usually, the part when you share some stories about your son is the one that will take most of the time of the speech, so you can adapt that part based on the time that the other points will take up.