Conceive the Baby You Want, Either Boy or Girl, Using the Chinese Baby Calendar

Are you one of those parents who likes to control everything, including the gender of your children? In such a case you need some powerful tools to help you influence and predetermine everything. Believe me, when it comes to sex selection, the famous table used for more than seven centuries in China is a very helpful tool.

To be more precise, it allows to you boost your chances to have the longed-for baby: either girl or boy. But be careful it only increases your chances, but it can’t guarantee that you will succeed in your attempt of having the desired descendant. That’s because the success rate of the Chinese baby gender predictor ranges from 70% to 90%, so it is under 100%.

Are you curious how such a method can help you? Let me explain you in brief. First of all, it’s just a table where you need to find a column. Pretty simple, isn’t it? It is indeed really simple, if you know how to do that. But that is the precise reason why I decided to write this short article: to bring a little light in this subject, where many persons make a lot of mistakes, due to their lack of knowledge in this area. If you want to find more about this, one of my blogger friends, Nancy, wrote some great articles on her blog about the Chinese gender predictor.

The Chinese gender predictor

Okay, as any other table, this famous chart has horizontal and vertical lines – rows and columns –, which are full of cells. The values of the cells are either “boy” or “girl”, since they stand for a certain gender of the future baby. If you identify, in the Chinese gender chart, the right row and then follow the right columns, you will immediately discover the periods in which your should make love with your wife, as, in those time intervals, she has the greatest chances to get pregnant with the baby you want so much.

So, the first question is: which is the appropriate row that you need to discover in this table? Well, is is the one which includes the day when your wife was born. Oh, I forgot to mention that the table you must use has to be “explained” in common dates, because the original chart contains only lunar dates, which refer to the lunar calendar that has been traditionally utilized in China since ancient times.

To sum up, the very first step consists in discovering a reliable chart that is Gregorian explained. Next, all you have to do is to look in that Chinese birth chart and find the horizontal line which includes your wife’s birthday. Follow that row and identify the cells on that row which have the value that you desire: “boy”, if you’re aiming for a male descendant, or “girl”, if you want a female offspring.

Now you look at the cells you selected. For each of these cells, you must follow up the column including it and, at the top of each of these columns, you can read the time intervals – expressed in common dates – when you ought to make love with your partner. And that’s it! Did you see how easy it is? If you have the right table, of course.

The final remark that I would like to add – which is otherwise very important – refers to the accuracy of this legendary method. It is essential to keep in mind – you and your wife – that this strategy of gender predetermination, based on the well-known Chinese gender calendar, does not have a success rate of 100%. I know, I told you about this in the opening paragraph of this small article, but this aspect is so important, that I felt the need to mention it again.

So, the success rate that is below 100% indicates the fact that it is possible, using this ancient technique, to get an undesired result, in the sense that the baby that you and your partner will conceive might have the unwanted gender: when aiming for a boy, to be a girl, or vice versa. But even in such an undesirable situation, you must be grateful for the healthiness of your wife and fetus.

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